Working Glossary for Eco-Visio

General terms: 

  • Counter: The physical counter referred to by the Logger’s serial number 
  • Counting site: The current location of the counter as created on Eco-Visio 
  • Counting flows: The user type and direction of the counts made by the counter, e.g., Pedestrian or Cyclist, IN or OUT 
  • Attach: The action of linking a counter to a counting site 
  • Detach: The action of unlinking a counter from a counting site 
  • Non-Attached Counter: a counter which is not attached to a counting site 
  • Widget: An individual analysis saved onto the Dashboard  
  • Dashboard: A group of widgets 


Analysis periods: 


  • Year: data since 1st January of current year 
  • Month: data since 1st of the current month 
  • Week: data since Monday of the current week 
  • Today: all of today’s data (for counters with real-time transmissions only) 


  • Year: data from 1st January – 31st December of the preceding year 
  • Month: data for the whole of the preceding month 
  • Week: data for the whole of the preceding week 
  • Yesterday: all of yesterday’s data  


  • Year: data from 365 days ago up to present day 
  • Month: data from 30 days ago up to present day 
  • Week: data from 7 days ago up to present day 
  • Last 24 hours: data from 24 hours ago up to present hour 


Analysis types: 

  • Time series: view your data as a graph or table 
  • Comparison: compare data to previous periods 
  • Profile: compare counting flows 
  • Key figures map: shows data and trends on a map 
  • Key figures: small widget showing a single piece of key data 
  • Key figures summary: showing a few pieces of key data 
  • Distribution: pie chart showing how counts were distributed across flows 
  • Weather: shows weather conditions alongside count data 
  • Counting sites map: simple map showing the location of counters 
  • Heatmap: showing the data from one counter as a heatmap 
  • Multiple sites heat map: shows the data from multiple counters as a heat map 
  • Pictures gallery: a widget showing uploaded pictures of the counter 
  • Simple text: a widget where you can enter and display text 



  • Admin: able to analyse and view data, manage counters, and manage user rights 
  • Master: able to analyse and view data, and manage counters 
  • Viewer: able to analyse and view data only 
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