A more secure Eco-Visio account

Login to your Eco-Visio account: a verification code will be sent by email to make your account safer

Something new to secure your Eco-Visio account! The next time you login, you have to submit a verification code. This code is sent to the email address linked to your Eco-Visio account.

In order to strengthen the safety of your Eco-Visio account, you must enter a 6-digit verification code. This code is sent to your email address after entering your username and password.

This code will be required only once.


Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Enter your user login on Eco-Visio

Enter your username and password;

Click on “Connection”.

Step 2: Retrieve the verification code

You will be notified that a verification code is required to login to your account. This code is sent directly to the email address linked to your account.

Please check the email address (partially displayed for security reasons).

If you can access this email address, click on the “Send verification code” button.

Open the email sent by noreply@mg.eco-counter.com to retrieve the verification code.

Step 3: Validate the verification code

Copy-paste the verification code into the connection form.

Please note, this code is only valid for 30 minutes.


Connection issues

Case 1. You did not receive the security code

Make sure the email address displayed on the screen matches your email address.

Check your spam box, and authorize the email address noreply@mg.eco-counter.com if needed.

Case 2. You can’t access to the email address displayed to retrieve the security code

Ask your Eco-Visio administrator to update the email address associated with the Eco-Visio account, or to create a specific user account for you.

Case 3. You did not enter the right code

Please check again the verification code you’ve received.

Please note, after 3 failed login, click on “Receive a new code” and enter the new code received.

Case 4. The verification code has expired

Click on “Receive a new code” and enter the new code to access your account.

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