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Eco-Visio release notes

On this page you will find a history of Eco-Visio release notes. The date of the release note will be informed and the features that evolve, as well as the links towards the knowledgebase articles.

04/28/2024 release note

This new analysis is available for Eco-Visio ESSENTIAL,  PROFESSIONAL and EXPERT packages. This analysis helps customers view the traffic on all counting sites in their domain at a glance.

Customers can choose to display the total traffic to date or the average daily traffic per counting site, from the options panel.

02/14/2024 release note

In the upcoming weeks, logging into Eco-Visio will require a verification code for enhanced security. This code will be sent to the email address linked to your Eco-Visio account. Please ensure every user within your domain has a valid, personally accessible email address to receive this code. This is a one-time verification that does not need to be repeated, provided the access browser remains unchanged.

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User management becomes more flexible. You can now give your users real-time access to all counting sites on your Eco-Visio domain. By choosing the “all sites” option, no action on your part will be necessary once future counters have been installed: your users will have automatic access to all the counting sites in your domain.

Alternatively, you can always give your users access to a predefined list of sites based on specific geographical areas or other criteria.

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Does your Eco-Visio domain include counting sites that have collected historical data but are no longer equipped with a counter? Would you like to retain access to this data, but hide these sites from your daily Eco-Visio environment? Archiving is a good way of preserving data without deleting the site. An archived site can be restored at any time by the domain administrator.

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