Release note

Release note, latest evolutions


Check out our latest features, improvements and bug fixes.


💪 Improvements

Account management & security


  1. To enforce the security of Eco-Visio account, users having a weak password are forced to define a new password.

      To keep Eco-Visio’s account as secure as possible, a password should include a combination of letters, numbers and characters.












  1. Eco-Visio administrator can check the activation status of user accounts and resend the account creation email if lost or expired.



  1. A user who has not yet defined it password will receive a new email after requested an identifier or password reset.


  1. An administrator is not allowed to create or edit user having manager or viewer rights without any site.



Users now receive alert emails in the language used on Eco-Visio during their last visit.


Column sorting on key figures summaries is now saved in dashboard, so you don’t need anymore to apply sort again on the tables.

Shared database

  1. Eco-Visio administrator of collector domain has now the ability to select the data that the user will be able to consult : all data or only validated data.


  1. A user of collector domain can analyze the data based on data status.


🔨 Bug fixes

  • API : Channels are not present in site detail when counting site having only one flow.
  • Report : Chart legend appears truncated in report

🚀 Coming next

You spoke, we listened. We keep on improving and simplifying Eco-Visio. In the next release, we will bring up the interface with ergonomic improvements to offer to our users a better experience and a more consistent and user-friendly interface.

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