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Content: share dashboards, locate and add shared dashboards
Prerequisites: Professional or Expert Eco-Visio Subscription

Step-by-step instructions:

In this example we will be sharing dashboards between two separate user accounts from the same domain: Elizaveta & User_One.

Elizaveta has created two dashboards, Domain Dashboard “Greenways Analysis” &  Site Dashboard “2022-2023 Comparative”, which she would like to share with her colleagues.


Step 1: Share a dashboard

To make dashboards you’ve created visible for other users, you, as the owner, have to enable dashboard sharing by clicking the sharing icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard in question.

From there you can copy the dashboard link to share with your colleagues, or simply mention to them the name of the dashboard, so they can locate it in the list of Shared Dashboards. (See the next step.)


Step 2: Locate and add shared dashboards

  1. Click on +New Dashboard -> ‘Shared‘ Tab -> In the dashboard dropdown you will see the list of dashboards shared by all users on your domain.
  2. Select the dashboard of your interest and click on Ok. 
  3. You now have copied a snapshot of the dashboard shared by your colleague. This means that it’s a copy of the dashboard from that point in time (think of it like taking a picture of the report). If the author continues developing their analysis, you can copy the same dashboard again few months from now and it might look very different.


P.S. Users can’t affect or alter each others dashboards even when shared. Once sharing feature is activated, the latest version of your dashboard will be available to others to add to their accounts. But once added, the version of the dashboard will be a snapshot of it from the moment it was copied. There is no limit to how many times shared dashboards can be added to an account.


Happy sharing!

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